About Us

We aim to conduct portfolio self-reflection and analyse the broader market for the benefit of others.

Insufficient Capital was founded in April 2019 by Peter Stevens. Our portfolio aims to generate high absolute returns throughout the market cycle. Some of the lessons learnt along the way manifest in the Ground Rules. Performance figures recorded on this website represent the results of Peter’s personal equities portfolio. He has managed his own equities portfolio for 10 years and has generated an annual return exceeding 20% p.a. (unaudited as Peter does not have third party investors) over the period. Peter is studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) and Commerce (Finance) at UNSW. Preferred investment areas include technology, structural growth opportunities and deep value industrials. Peter is currently an analyst at Waterhouse VC, a high-performing Sydney-based investment fund focused on the gambling industry. Feel free to contact Peter directly at his email or mobile. Peter’s email – pjstevens98@gmail.com, Peter’s mobile – (+61) 488 097 399.

Matthew Brener directs technology alongside supporting equities research. With experience spanning multiple sectors from resources to payments, Matthew has a working operational understanding of a wide variety of businesses and is currently a growth and product manager at QPay. Matthew is studying a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) and Commerce (Finance) at UNSW.

Justin Panos directs Business Development. Justin is studying a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) and Commerce (Financial Economics) at UNSW.